Apartment renovation Spain/Torrevieja/Alicante

We are pleased to offer you our services for high-quality renovation of apartments and houses in Spain with an exclusive design project. Our company specializes in creating unique and stylish interiors that reflect your personality and combine functionality and aesthetics.

Advantages of our offer:

  1. Exclusive design: We develop individual design projects that fully match your preferences and lifestyle. Our team of experienced designers will help you create a welcoming and stylish space that reflects your unique personality.

  2. Quality repairs: We offer a full range of services for the renovation of apartments and houses, including finishing work, electrical, plumbing, installation of modern control systems, and much more. We work only with high-quality materials and professional craftsmen to ensure the durability and reliability of your repair.

  3. Individual approach: We take into account all your requirements and wishes to create a repair solution that is ideal for you. We are ready to take part in any stage of the project, from consultation to completion.

  4. Meeting deadlines and budget: We strive for maximum transparency and responsibility in our work. We guarantee compliance with all deadlines and budgetary restrictions so that you can enjoy the result of your renovation without unnecessary worries.

Contact information:

If you are interested in high-quality renovation of an apartment or house in Spain with an exclusive design project, do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to order a consultation. We are ready to help you make your design dreams come true!

What does designer apartment renovation from Arcostec include

Measurements. The technologist takes measurements at the site. If the design project requires redevelopment of the apartment, the specialist will determine which walls can be moved.

Development of a design project allows you to visualize the future interior and plan finishing work. The following are being consistently developed:

  • planning solutions that take into account the features of the object and legal regulations;
  • engineering projects for the construction team, which determine the installation of lighting sources, air conditioning, heating and alarm systems; installation of a home theater requires a separate technical project;
  • 3D visualization — graphic printed and digital materials reflecting the style and design palette.

Calculation of estimates. The document attached to the contract specifies the cost, deadline for completing the work, and prices for materials.

Construction and finishing works:

  • preparatory and draft — walls, ceiling, floor are moved and prepared, electrical wiring, heating and air conditioning devices are installed. Plastering, putty is being carried out;
  • ceiling and wall finishing;
  • laying the floor;
  • finishing a bathroom, toilet, installing plumbing;
  • installation of the “smart home” system;
  • installation of furniture, accessories.

Develop design project for a villa/house

  • High quality — designers and installers work as part of one well-coordinated team.
  • Saving on materials — We supply certified finishing materials and work with manufacturers at wholesale prices.
  • Approval of redevelopments in supervisory authorities by Arcostec specialists.
  • Involving additional specialists in the work, changing the designer if, for objective reasons, the client is dissatisfied with the design.
  • Unique design — personalizes the space and increases the market value of the property.

Stages of apartment/house renovation Spain/Alicante/Torrevieja

Leave a request for apartment renovation by phone or through the website. A measuring technologist will come to you. He will inspect the apartment, listen to all your wishes and calculate the prices for renovating the apartment/house/villa.

If you are planning to renovate an apartment in a new building, a specialist will be able to assist in accepting the apartment from the developer, give recommendations on the layout and on the construction and finishing materials used.

Do you want to save money on finishing your apartment? The measurer will suggest how to do this without compromising quality. For example, installing suspended ceilings is faster and more economical than leveling the ceiling with gypsum (plaster) mixtures or plasterboard construction.

We — for a fair estimate. The surveyor-technologist takes into account all the nuances in order to draw up a detailed construction estimate taking into account your wishes.

Selection of finishing materials

The measuring technologist has a tablet computer with an electronic catalog at hand — it presents an assortment of building materials from our store. From rough materials for apartment renovation (plaster, putty, etc.) to finishing (wallpaper, paint, etc.).

Having found out what building materials you need, the surveyor will make an estimate of the cost of finishing materials.

You don't need to worry about delivery of building materials. Arcostec employees will independently bring and unload everything you need. Thanks to a streamlined logistics scheme, downtime is reduced to zero.

After the assessment, we draw up a contract, agree on it and sign it. The contract guarantees the completion of work within a specified period and at a specified cost. It indicates the cost of each square meter of apartment renovation, the cost including materials.

Design project development

High-quality apartment renovation begins with the development of a design project.

The designer starts work. Together with you, he creates the future design of the apartment and selects the interior design.

The designer works out not only the smallest details of the interior, down to the color of the furniture and its arrangement, but also thinks through the location of electrical points and plumbing structures, that is, he draws up a full-fledged engineering project. You will see what the apartment will look like after renovation using 3D visualization.

A finished design project is not only an example of interior design, but also clear instructions for builders.

Capital and technical work

Repair of an apartment/house/villa includes capital and engineering work.

This includes remodeling premises, moving walls, installing plumbing, connecting utilities (working with electrical wiring, installing sockets, etc.). If necessary, workers level ceilings, walls and floors. All work is carried out in accordance with all standards.


Builders apply finishing materials to prepared surfaces: glue wallpaper or paint walls, lay flooring, install suspended ceilings.

The foreman ensures that the builders strictly follow the design project and conducts a thorough audit at each stage before moving on to the next.

You can order a turnkey apartment renovation and receive a design project as a gift, or request services only for finishing the apartment.

Final stage

At the final stage, the foreman accepts the work, the workers remove construction waste from the premises. After that, you come to the apartment and personally check the quality of the work.

So that you have only pleasant memories of the renovation, we offer the services of a cleaning company. You will arrive to a clean and well-kept apartment. All that remains is to make yourself more comfortable.

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