The issue of investment is quite acute now. In the current economic situation, the best decision — invest your funds in real estate. Its cost will only increase, regardless of the situation. Therefore, the risk of losing your investment is reduced to absolute zero.

For any questions regarding investment in construction in Spain, you can always contact the specialists of our agency. We will be happy to advise you in detail and find the most profitable investment option.

Investment in the construction of houses/villas for sale — is it profitable?

Today, investing in the construction of houses — This is one of the most profitable and effective ways to increase your capital. The cost of housing from the start of construction to the moment of completion increases by an average of 50-70%. The figure is more than impressive.

The key goal of any developer — attract as many potential buyers as possible at the start of construction. That is why objects that are still under construction can be purchased on the most favorable terms. The closer the date of commissioning and commissioning, the higher the price will be — an axiom that must be remembered! This, by the way, is relevant not only for the construction of private houses, but also for any other real estate. The sooner you invest money in an object, the more you can earn.

Investment in the construction of houses/villas for sale

As for investments in private construction, it is worth noting that recently the number of people interested in purchasing their own home or cottage has increased sharply. This is due to general trends in the real estate market, as well as the epidemiological situation. Quite a large number of people are now switching to remote employment. And working from your own home in the fresh air is much more pleasant.

Which properties are best to invest in?

There are different ways to invest in houses under construction. For example — buy houses under construction and resell completed properties. We will tell you more about investment methods below, but for now we will share information about which objects should be considered for investment first.

Residential private houses and cottages

Investments in the construction of private houses are the most common. This is due to relatively low risks and quick payback. The very essence of the investment in this case is extremely clear: you buy housing at the construction stage on the most favorable terms and sell it at the moment when the house is already built and commissioned. In addition, after construction you can also earn money by renting out real estate.

When investing in private construction, the following factors must be taken into account:

  • Location features — area and nearby infrastructure;
  • Features of the layout and number of storeys of the house;
  • Prospects for the development of the area in the future.

The better the characteristics of the object itself, the more favorable its price will be at the start of sales. This is especially true for proposals located in locations with actively developing infrastructure. For example, you buy a house under construction in an area that is just beginning to be actively developed. In the next couple of years, schools, kindergartens, chain supermarkets may appear there, and the transport network will be improved. All this will undoubtedly benefit the investor.

You can do construction yourself — buy land and build houses. However, here you must take into account how much you will have to spend on materials and communication systems.

Commercial spaces and hotels

Another relevant niche for investing — This is an investment in commercial properties and hotels. This is especially true for Spain. According to statistics, the average payback period varies from 3 to 7 years, however, given the active growth in real estate prices in Spain, investments can pay for themselves much faster.

As for premises intended for industrial activities, experts here advise considering facilities being built for the food industry and various types of factories.

If you are planning to invest in commercial properties under construction in Spain, then you can also consider catering establishments, restaurants, cafes, office and business centers. It is these objects that can pay for themselves in the shortest possible time.

Ways to invest in construction

Investments in the construction of cottages or any other real estate under construction — a question that needs to be approached as responsibly and seriously as possible. It is very important to think through each step and calculate the potential profit.

How you can make money by investing in construction:

  • Buy at the time of construction and resell;
  • Buy a house under construction and rent it out afterwards;
  • Invest funds with professional investors and receive a percentage of the profits.

The most profitable option — buy a house under construction, wait for its completion date and rent it out until the minimum tenure period, which exempts you from paying income tax, expires.

Building a villa in Spain: Turning into a Successful Investment

Investing in the construction of a villa in Spain represents an attractive opportunity for those looking for a stable and profitable investment in real estate. Here are some reasons why building a villa in Spain can be a successful investment:

1. Stable real estate market:

The Spanish real estate market is known for its stability and resistance to economic fluctuations. In recent years, the market has shown a gradual increase in house prices, especially in popular tourist areas, making property investment in Spain attractive to many investors.

2. Popular tourist areas:

Spain attracts millions of tourists from all over the world thanks to its stunning climate, beautiful beaches and rich cultural heritage. Investing in a villa in tourist areas of Spain can provide a stable stream of rental income from short or long term rentals.

3. High demand in the rental market:

Renting out real estate in Spain is a profitable source of income due to constant demand from both tourists and local residents. The villas offer luxurious and comfortable accommodation, which makes them especially attractive to renters.

4. Prospects for capital growth:

Given the stability of the property market in Spain and the constant increase in demand for property, investing in the construction of a villa can bring significant capital growth in the long term. Subject to the right choice of location and quality construction, the value of the villa can increase significantly over time.

5. Opportunities for personal use:

In addition, investing in the construction of a villa in Spain provides the opportunity to own luxury housing in a beautiful country. You can use the villa for your own holiday, as well as rent it out during periods when it is not in use, receiving additional income.

Construction of a House/Villa in Spain in Torrevieja:

Our company offers a full range of services for the construction of villas in Torrevieja, Spain. We have real estate expertise and are ready to assist you in every step of the process, from land selection and project development to completion of construction and obtaining all necessary permits. Contact us today to start your journey to successful property investing in Spain!

Building villas in Spain represents an attractive investment opportunity that combines the stability of the real estate market, high rental demand, capital growth prospects and opportunities for personal use.

Planning to buy property under construction in Spain on the most favorable terms, contact the experts of the company Arcostec! We will help you find the most promising investment property that is guaranteed to bring the highest income! Contact us today to find out more about our villa development services in Spain and start your journey to successful investing!

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